Advantages of CONIAS Political Risk Data

Companies worldwide rely on CONIAS political risk data to minimize risks to their business. Why? Here are just 3 benefits that make CONIAS data unique.


accurate and reliable forecasts

We observe the development of conflicts in the world starting from the period of 1945 and can draw upon an extensive database of almost 80 years. Part of the data collection was carried out at the University of Heidelberg as a research project. This unique dataset makes it possible to identify patterns in historical data and thus make reliable and accurate predictions for the future.

You have to manage the day-to-day business of your company and simply cannot keep track of all political conflicts in different countries of the world in their full complexity around the clock? Luckily, you don’t have to, as our experts will take over this task for you. We provide you with the relevant data you need for your decision-making process in a condensed form, visualized clearly and available at any time.


complex information compressed by experts & immediately available


our indices make political risks comparable all over the world

In order to be able to adequately compare different risks in different locations in the world, it is necessary to start with a valid risk assessment. This assessment must be consistent in order to enable any meaningful weighing at all. Our indices are calculated consistently and comparably on the same basis worldwide, which is what makes a fair comparison possible in the first place.