Ein Risikomanager besucht in der MBI CONIAS Academy ein Seminar für politische Risiken.
Making Political Risk Predictable
Research expertise and long-term experience in conflict analyses are our strength

Since 2022


Seminars for prospective risk managers

Our Data Products on Political Risks

– Your Sound Basis for Decision-Making

CONIAS provides in-depth and data-driven information about current and emerging conflicts worldwide. We help private and public sector clients detect geopolitical risks for supply-chain security and adjust to them right in time.

Supply Chain Security

Consistent political risk data for supplier evaluation worldwide

Travel Security

Make sure that your employees are safe – on site and on travels

Seminars for Risk Managers

Our MBI CONIAS Academy qualifies you for dealing with political risks

Self-explaining Risk Data

Current risk, trend development and insights into details

CRESTA Zones for Insurers

Natural hazard zones and political risk at a glance


Direct and individual consulting by specialists and regional experts

Customized Data Solutions

  • Strategic planning of market entry
  • Site assessments
  • Avoiding bad investments
  • Crisis strategies

Why is our Political Risk Data the Best Basis for your Decisions?


accurate and reliable forecasts


complex information compressed by experts & immediately available


our indices make political risks comparable all over the world

Single Site Assessment

How safe is your preferred location? Let our experts evaluate a location of your choice free of charge using CONIAS Political Risk Data.

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