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The content of this Website are published with the highest level of accuracy. However, CONIAS Risk Intelligence does not take any guarantee or liability over the actuality, completeness and correctness of the here published information. Responsible for the journalistic and editorial maintenance according to § 55 II RStV is Dr. Nicolas Schwank (see above).

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Notice about Possible Problems with External Links

CONIAS Risk Intelligence as the content provider is responsible after § 7 passage 1 Telemedia Law for its “own content”, and responsible for the content that is provided by CONIAS Risk Intelligence for common use after common law. The content needs to be distinguished between own content and links which content is provided by other website providers. If CONIAS Risk Intelligence provides a link to a third party provider for use on their website, it is marked as a link and applies to the above rules about copyright of the content from a third party. “Links” are always “alive” (dynamic) cross references. CONIAS Risk Intelligence checks the foreign content before the first reference on the website whether it may cause a liability after civil or penal law. However, CONIAS Risk Intelligence does not permanently prove all content that CONIAS Risk Intelligence refers to on their website whether a new liability could occur due to a changed content by a third party provider. If CONIAS Risk Intelligence notices or is informed about that an explicit offer where CONIAS Risk Intelligence has referred to may cause a liability after civil or penal law, CONIAS Risk Intelligence will cancel the link to that offer or service.

Further Notices

For a better legibility of the texts on this website we generally did not use the male and female wording at the same time. Here the male expressions include the female.