Reasons for Conias

Scientific Methodology


Empirical Data

Digital Processing

  • Complete Range of Country Risks
  • Approach Based upon 20 Years of Research
  • Dynamic Assessments

CONIAS Risk Intelligence is a spin-off from the University of Heidelberg, where for the last 20 years, frequencies and dynamics of political conflict have been systematically gathered and analyzed in a database. This foundation provides a unique quantitative methodological approach, which allows the integration and georeferenced localization of different types of inter and intra-state conflicts into a distinct dataset.

  • Database since 1945
  • Empirical Data Sets
  • Georeferenced Events

CONIAS Risk Intelligence provides detailed and reliable data across continents and countries. Our transparent and comprehensible database sets new standards concerning objectivity and geographical comparability.

  • Digital Solutions
  • User-friendly Visualizations
  • Customizable

We enable organizations and their decision makers to enhance the reliability of their risk assessments and risk minimization efforts. Our customers particularly benefit from our systematically digitized assessments. Our services are meaningful, customizable, and intuitively accessible.


Dynamics of violent political conflicts 1945 - 2014

Whether for site selections, investment decisions, risk evaluations, procurement, or the opening of new markets, with CONIAS Risk Intelligence you gain a reliable partner.

  • Increase of violent conflicts >300% in the last 25 years
  • Economization of political conflicts
  • Major threat to a globalized production