You want to be SURE in your supply chain management?

» Is your business already engaged abroad?
Then you are familiar with political risk.

  • Politically motivated violence, including war, terrorism or civil unrest, can cause significant damage to businesses across all sectors, unsettle investors, and encourage skilled labor to emigrate.
  • Corruption, protests, and strikes adversely affect the efficiency of administrative agencies, making it difficult to enter markets quickly, as well as to obtain local documents.
  • Work stoppages and blockades are accompanied by disruptions or interruptions in production and supply chains. This also applies to acts of sabotage of critical infrastructure.
  • The top priority for your overseas business is the safety of employees and suppliers, as well as machinery and infrastructure. Employees in conflict areas should expect extortion and kidnappings and can even be injured or die during armed hostilities.

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Political crises do not "just happen," rather they often announce themselves before an actual escalation. They do not occur everywhere to the same extent, but develop their own dynamics, whether in terms of the geographical spread of the conflict or in terms of the occurrence and intensity of violence on the ground. With the help of our conflict and risk data and based on reliable, scientific methods, we identify for you those parts of countries in which both the safety of travelers and employees and undisturbed production and transport processes are currently, and in the medium term, threatened by political violence.

Data-driven solutions—always up-to-date, worldwide, easy to understand and visualize!

Our range of consulting services for site safety is convincing due to its interdisciplinary, science-based, comprehensive approach. We combine top regional and academic expertise with easy-to-use data solutions and analyses, evaluations, and workshops tailored to your specific processes.

Contact us today and benefit from our many years of experience in research, analysis, and consulting!

Your company is building a new global supplier network and wants to award contracts for the next 5-10 years? You can find out from us at the click of a mouse:

  • whether the potential supplier is located in a region that is continually stable or whether you have to deal with politically-induced disruptions or interruptions in production and delivery.
  • whether the business partner or your own production facilities can be safely reached for transport.
  • which parts of the country to consider for medium- and long-term strategic expansion of your production and supply chain network.

We convince with scientific methods instead of hunches

While we cannot predict on a specific day an attack or the escalation of peaceful protests into violent ones, we can help raise your awareness in advance of violent crises and other potential local risks. We will show you which parts of the country are vulnerable to political violence and which part still has low security outlooks.

Our unique, award-winning analytical approach combines a wealth of data with current evaluations and precise calculations.

  • Our database includes more than 1,800 conflicts worldwide, those that are not (yet) violent and those that are violent and belligerent.
  • We record all active and historical conflicts and calculate a specific resilience value and expected violence volatility trend for almost 4,000 subnational regions worldwide.

» What is behind it?

The Sub-national Resilience (SURE) Index combines information on a country’s economic, political and demographic development—which are significant elements for long-term stability—in combination with the specific conflict experience of the individual subnational regions within the country. Above all, we focus on the recent past as a strong indicator of the near and medium terms. The specific resilience value calculated for each region is well-suited for strategic market planning applications, as well as for the evaluation of manufacturing facilities, suppliers, and supply chain networks.

We help you to understand the political risk landscape at a glance and to act faster than others.

The CONIAS Subnational Resilience Index is interval-scaled (0-10), which makes data measurable and comparison easy. Together with a specific color code, the scale also functions as a warning system. Thus, SURE informs clients about current developments and indicates whether minor adjustments would be sufficient or if large-scale measures (evacuation of personnel, alternative delivery routes) should be taken. Because general recommendations for action grasp neither the complexity of political realities on the ground nor of a supply chain network, the scale provides predominantly an orientation framework. Hence, we invite you to discuss changes with our experts and make use of our consulting formats, to elaborate which adjustments are necessary and helpful to meet your specific needs and interests. We highly recommend long-term use of the SURE data through our update services in order to stay informed about local dynamics.

Application of Data Solutions:


Deliveries with up to twelve Updates (calendar month) per annum are possible

  • in the formats csv and json
  • in the geo formats Shapefile, Geopackage, Geojson and Spatiallite.


You have a limited number of destinations in mind or a peculiar interest in the current security situation at a particular location / transportation hub? Get in touch with us directly and we will do the assessment for you - promptly, reliable and confidentially.

An example from our practice:
How a globally-operating automotive company assesses thousands of suppliers in terms of political risks

Every day, dozens of companies worldwide that are interested in working with the automotive company log in to the company’s Supplier Portal. Whether a supplier is awarded the contract depends not only on the quality of its product, but also on a series of location factors. These include, for example, convenient transport connections or possible natural risks. However, political developments are coming increasingly to the fore as risks to a functioning and efficient supply chain. Scenarios that always must be considered in strategic purchasing range from labor strikes and looting to terrorist attacks, kidnappings, and the destruction of critical infrastructure and production facilities. Other dangers to the life and limb of employees should not be disregarded.

"What political risk is the supplier exposed to and how strong are the security threats on the ground?"

CONIAS gives the company the answer to the question in one click …

With SURE, it is easy to:

  • Distinguish between political unrest below the threshold of violence and conflicts that are sporadically violent and highly violent up to warlike..
  • Apply the SURE values worldwide in more than 3,800 subnational regions.
  • Compare and comprehend the SURE values at a glance through a uniform and transparent calculation method and corresponding color values.
  • Combined constantly updated and specifically collected risk data with all common GIS applications.

Play it safe in purchasing

You have a request from a supplier who wants to become part of your supplier network? You want to get an impression of the local political risks quickly and easily? You want comparable, independent, and reliable location assessments?

Get in touch with us today and optimize your travel management system! We evaluate locations worldwide without blind spots and gaps - systematically, independent, and on the basis of up-to-date and specially collected data.


Make sure of your location advantage!

You would like to apply to an international group as a supplier? Their location is in a stable part of the country, but negative media reports are always unsettling investors? You want to convince with an independent evaluation of the favorable political conditions on the ground?

Get in touch with us today and receive from us a free and exclusive location safety assessment! We evaluate sites worldwide without blind spots and gaps - systematically, independent, and on the basis of up-to-date and specially collected data.