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CONIAS provides in-depth and data-driven information about current and emerging conflicts worldwide. We help private and public sector clients detect geo-political risks for supply-chain security and adjust to them right in time.

Digital Solutions

At the first step you won't need any substantial reports if you want to analyze the political risks of your chosen locations. You can use our digital solutions, as an example our geographic information systems.



If you’re planning to invest money abroad or obtain goods from politically unstable regions, you will need extensive information that is presented in an easily comprehensible and visually pleasing way. Learn more about our new report series.



Political risk management is a fairly new area. We offer workshops for companies in order to learn more about your specific customer needs and to counsel you in the most optimal way.


Our Methodology


In many respects the CONIAS approach contributes high added value to existing methods of analysis for political conflicts. Due to the acquisition of events as social systems within a dynamic model, the whole spectrum of conflict activities can be mapped.


Risk Rating

The assignment of the risk value within a geographic unit follows from the corresponding intensities of the prevailing conflicts in said region. If for instance, two distinct conflicts in a region are conducted with an intensity of three, a risk value of five for the area can be reached through aggregation.



The CONIAS approach conceives conflicts as social communications. These communications can manifest from announcements, threats, sanctions, but also from combat operations with light or heavy weaponry, bomb explosions or targeted assassinations.


Data Collection

Via co-operations with information providers and the application of a specifically developed software, more than three billion articles p.a. or 40,000 sources, including newspapers, online journals, blogs and social media are searched for relevant information by the CONIAS algorithms.


Reasons for CONIAS

CONIAS is a scientifically-based political risk consultancy, specializing in the quantitative analysis of the political framework and the security environment of the foreign markets our clients operate in.

Scientific Methodology

Complete Range of Country Risks
Approach Based upon 20 Years of Research and
Dynamic Assessments

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Empirical Data

Database since 1945
Empirical Data Sets
Georeferenced Events

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Digital Processing

Digital Solutions
User-friendly Visualizations and

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