Political instability can disrupt and damage international business – are your investments at risk too?

Political risks and uncertainties are among the biggest and most complex challenges for assets and investments abroad. Ranging from protectionist trade regulations, strikes, and violent protests, to hostilities endangering the well-being of your employees, political tensions are a key threat to the success of your business. In the worst case, they can turn out to be a real "game changer" for your business abroad.

Does your business, directly or through your supply chain network, interact regularly with countries that are considered "difficult"? Are you planning a new investment abroad and also consider entering the so-called emerging markets? If so, being informed about political risks in these countries should be on top of your agenda - especially to safeguard existing investments.

No Blind Spots - We Keep Track of Stability Risks Worldwide

History has taught us that political risks and tensions do not stop at state borders. Why should their analysis do so? Every month, we monitor nearly 4,000 individual regions, provinces, and islands, and assess political developments thoroughly and systematically. Where have strikes been announced? Where are protesters paralyzing traffic and delivery routes? In which cities do riots occur, which areas remain calm? Where can we expect attacks and ambushes, in which areas are militias active and kidnappings their preferred way of extortion? Which provinces should travelers currently avoid, which former crisis areas have recovered from political strife?

Individuelle und direkte Risiko Beratung

Qualified Analysis by Experienced Researchers

As an example of our Risk Reports, you can view the reports from 2018 in our archive. The reports are based on in-depth analyses of 25 major economies, from Russia and China to Turkey and Indonesia. The reports cover both issues of political stability and local safety, as well as assessments of the rule of law, the market structure, and cybersecurity. In the development of the reports, we aimed at combining expertise with a comprehensible and clear format. Hence, comparisons between states are easy and every report provides multiple scenarios for the future and recommendations for companies invested and for those seeking to enter the respective markets. We are looking forward to developing more reports and updates with you, this time tailored to your specific challenges and questions. For some regions, we also offer shorter formats like the RiskBrief.

Risiko Reports

In-depth and Personal Exchange with Issue and Area Experts

Do you prefer a face to face conversation about the political challenges to your business and the opportunity to follow up with our experts? You are facing a complex challenge that should best be explored from multiple perspectives? You are planning a delegation trip and want to make sure that you and your team are up to date regarding the latest developments on the ground? In addition to our reports and data-based products, we also offer roundtables and seminars with experienced area specialists and issue experts. You find our well-trained and experienced moderation team at your disposal regarding all questions of organization and facilitation.

You want to be better informed about political risks as a challenge to your international business and how to mitigate them? We are happy to explore your path to a tailor-made CONIAS solution with you in a noncommittal phone conversation (0049 621 180 68 930) and look forward to the exchange!