CONIAS Risk-Monitor

The CONIAS Risk-Monitor offers you the advantages of the CONIAS Risk-Overview and extends this service by integrating regular updates and the CONIAS Risk-Alert function. This function warns you if there is a potential intensification of the situation in your monitored country.

CONIAS Risk-Report

Our CONIAS Risk-Report provides a comprehensive assessment of the conflict situation of a country that enables you to take important strategic decisions in due consideration of your own individual parameters. Our country report is a continuation of the CONIAS Risk-Overview and serves a tailored solution for your needs, allowing for a detailed evaluation of difficult situations.

CONIAS Direct-Access

With CONIAS Direct-Access you receive reliable and detailed data across countries and continents to complement your existing in-house risk models. Subscribe for CONIAS Direct-Access and gain access to our global database. The data is accessible via our servers and can automatically be integrated in existing systems – in any format you require. Benefit from the high update frequency and quality of our data and keep up with an ever changing world of political risks.