Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

From where does CONIAS obtain its sources?

CONIAS Risk Intelligence obtains its sources for the maintenance of its database mostly from public resources but also from external co-operating partners to ensure the quality of data.


How often is the data updated?

The CONIAS database is continually maintained and developed, which allows us to provide a high update degree and fast data delivery. Depending on the area of application and scope of our service, a daily update is also achievable and adjusted to the customer’s need.


What makes the CONIAS database unique?

The CONIAS (Conflict Information and Analysis System) database was developed as part of the research conducted at the University of Heidelberg to improve the predictive power of quantitative conflict research. The structure of the CONIAS database is construed to map conflicts as social systems. This allows for a much more precise coverage of political dynamics and to collect diverse conflict-relevant information in addition. Due to co-operation with information providers and applying a specifically developed software, CONIAS Risk Intelligence is able to check more than three billion articles from over 40,000 sources, including newspapers, online magazines, blogs and social networks for relevant information, using only the most reliable sources for conflict identification. Inform yourself here about the capabilities of the CONIAS database.


Where can I find a price sheet?

Because our products are individually adjusted to the specific customer needs, it would not be professional to quote a fixed price for particular services. If you are interested in one of the products, you can either contact us personally or we can send you an email to indicate the price of our service.


Where can I find an overview of all the available countries?

The CONIAS Risk Intelligence database is continually maintained and updated. Due to the daily changes to the database and the significance of individual conflicts, we can only supply you with an overview upon special request. You can contact us here.


What do I do if a product for a country is currently not available?

If the product or country is currently not available, you can book it via our contact form and receive a notification upon availability or you can get in touch with us directly and we will try to work on a prompt solution.