India: How to conquer the unpredictable?

September 3rd, 2018

Political Risk India

The routes to, from and through India have been central to world trade for centuries. Today, effective connectivity requires above all a functioning and resilient infrastructure. As especially container traffic has been rising significantly over the past years at India’s major ports, the government launched the €110 billion project Sagarmala, aiming at modernizing or establishing dozens of ports. Moreover, India’s aviation sector is one of the fastest growing in the world and also its rail network is considered to be very well developed - after all, 23 million passengers use trains daily. However, companies seeking to capitalize on India's advancing infrastructure and to integrate it in their supply chains should also be aware of political risks: Strikes, protests, and even terrorist attacks as well as regulatory risks might negatively affect or even disrupt production and deliveries. The political unpredictability of India remains a "permanent challenge" for many of the approximately 1,800 German companies active in the country.

The team of CONIAS Risk Intelligence examines over 800 different political conflicts worldwide and analyzes the developments in two dozen of them in India alone – based on solid scientific methodology, every month and for each of the 36 states and union territories. Integrated in software solutions, with visualizations, in-depth assessments or in personal conversation - we are happy to assist you in your site evaluation, logistics and strategic adjustments.