Individual Political Risk Data Solutions

The areas of application of our political risk data are as diverse and individual as corporate and private life:

With an individual political risk data solution, you can ensure that the launch of your product in new markets is a success - as symbolised in the picture by the container delivery in a foreign port.

Your product is to be launched in a new market, where, however, a change of government may be imminent. This would be likely to result in a subsequent policy to remove important subsidies for your product.

A site assessment of your suppliers reveals that your current supplier is at the center of local conflicts over environmental compliance, leading to reputational risk for your end product.

In the picture, you can see how a supplier violates environmental standards by emitting exhaust fumes. This could have been prevented by individual political risk data solutions.

When selecting new in-house production sites, it must be taken into account whether the government or opposition is planning a policy change. If so, there is a risk that the current location advantages will be lost (e.g. in the area of working time regulation or energy prices and supply).

When planning a private trip to countries or areas that lie outside the established tourist routes, our data can provide security. They show whether rebel or other violence-oriented groups are prevalent in one of the planned travel areas, which groups they are and what risk they pose.

A rebel group makes a travel area unsafe.

And should an acute crisis situation still affect your company, we can help with layer and depth analyses so that you can navigate your company on the fastest and most effective way out of the crisis.

CONIAS data is designed to capture the complete crisis situation with all its dynamics. It can offer far more than is included in our standard products. That is why we can also offer exactly the risk data you need for your company on an individual basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.